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Habit Tracker

Did you set a resolution in January that has already lost its luster? Maybe a habit you wanted to start or break, but have not followed through...YET! A tracker might be missing from your #goals! It takes 21 days to break or create a habit, and a tracker will help you get there and beyond. Seeing your goal written out, in full, will help your planning, reflecting and progress long term! Here is a tracker to follow if you’d like to drink more water in your day. A recent study from the USDA showed that only 22% of people drink the suggested amount of ounces for their body. That means almost 80% of people are going through the day forgetting to drink, refill and track. Hopefully this tracker will help make sure you don’t fall into that percentage! What is another habit that you would like to create in your life? Save it + Tag me in your IG Story with your habit tracker💦



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