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I am so excited that you are interested in learning more about my Imperfectly Balanced Fitness & Nutrition Programs. I know that you will absolutely love our community of women, our training group, & of course your results!!!



I coach online fitness & nutrition groups for all women.  The women in my programs are dedicated, committed, & work hard to achieve their health & fitness goals. There are no shortcuts in my training groups. If you want results you have to work hard, eat clean, & change your mindset.

The first step in becoming one of my clients is deciding which workout program is best for you. We discuss your goals & we select a program that will best meet your needs & your abilities. And then you will register with one of my fitness & nutrition packages. Your package will include: a year of fitness & nutrition programming, a month supply of whole food nutritional supplements, meal prep containers, meal plans, recipes & much MORE!!!

You will then be added to my online training group forum where you will have a week of prep so that you can prepare & ask questions related to your program. 

As your coach, I go above and beyond to help you reach your goals. Every week we check-in via email to discuss your weekly results & assess where changes need to be made to maximize your results. I provide LIVE virtual workouts in my online training group along with local meet-ups if you live in Florida. This creates a sense of community for the women to show support and it helps us to feel more connected with one another in our health journey.  



  • Follow the program: if that means your program asks you to workout every day for 30 minutes, 7 days a week, then do it. 

  • Do not deviate from the nutrition plan.  80% of your results are based on nutrition alone. So if you want the best results, follow the nutrition plan.

  • Participate in the online training group. Every day a daily post will be made with a health tip or daily motivation to stay on track with your goals.

  • Take Weekly Progress STATS - Every week you will be required to check in with me with your weekly progress pictures, weight, & measurements so that I can monitor your progress.  From my experience as a coach, the women that are active in our group discussions & stay in contact with me have the BEST RESULTS. 


Most importantly, remember that we are on this journey together & I want to help you find your balance in getting healthy, in a sustainable way, so that you can enjoy life & feel your best :)

I have NO DOUBT if you go ALL IN with my program you will have incredible results!!! 

 you are worth it. 

Take the leap of faith to change your life!!!!

Because girl, it is time for you to feel your BEST - body, mind, & spirit!


Fill out my health form below to get started!

Looking forward to helping you reach your goals & to have you a part of our health & fitness community, I know that you are going to LOVE everything about it!!!

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