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What's Your Word?

I have been thinking a while about my word for the year and “FINISH WITH FAVOR” keeps replaying in my head from the sermon from Elevation Church. The message was about how we can end 2020 with favor. Well, I don’t want to finish with favor, I want to START with favor!!! This word has been at the forefront of my mind for a few weeks now and I kept trying to choose another word that was more action based because the word “favor” is kinda out of my control🙃It represents surrendering my plans, my will, my family, my business to God and say BLESS IT!!! In everything I do I want God’s favor upon it, not just for 2021 but for generations to come! So I made my list. A list that I am going to surrender to Him and believe in His outpouring of favor📝📝📝 👉Grace over perfection. 👉Honor God first + His plan for my life. 👉Have an exceptional marriage with a weekly date night. 👉Be exceptionally close with each one of my children. 👉#Protectmypeace at all cost. 👉Honor myself first. My workout, my mindset growth. I can’t pour from an empty vase. 👉I will not self-sabotage when I feel stressed out and overwhelmed. 👉I will honor my time. I will set timers for everything so that I can be more intentional with honoring my family + my business. 👉If it doesn’t align with my goals, it gets cut. 👉Honor my morning and bedtime routine like a hawk! 👉Win my morning at 5AM. 5-4-3-2-1 no snoozing. 👉Find joy in the every day moments. 👉I will LIVE the vision. 👉Help 10 women build a six-figure income. 👉Serve. SERVE. and serve more. 👉Read a book every month. Listen to two audible books a month. And listen to a podcast every day. 👉Double my income to build wealth and give back. 👉Launch my community + confidence project. 👉Cultivate meaningful friendships. 👉Have fun and laugh often. “Laughter is medicine to the soul”. 👉Be disciplined in all of the above✌ I am ready to work really hard. I am ready to sacrifice. I am ready to have favor upon all aspects of my life✨I am BELIEVING + AFFIRMING it!!! nowwwwww its your turn - what is your word for 2021?👇🏼



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