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So Proud & Grateful

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you could taste it?!?! That is how I felt when I got a call last week with some surprising news. I never shared it. Not sure why because it’s a really big deal. I talk a lot about coaching. I talk a lot about our community. But not so much what our team does collectively. We are the HIGHEST rank in our organization. And for 6 years now we have been an Elite Team which is .003% in our industry. And this past week we found out that our Imperfectly Balanced team is #13 out of 450k teams. Which is representation of women on our team leading from the front to impact lives, serve others, to give hope and develop humans - how powerful is that?!?!! It is representation of the shirt I always wear “strength in sisterhood”. We are who we are, #13 because of the heart of who we are. We want more for our lives. More accountability, more passion and purpose. We want the opportunity to build a business that blesses our life and that can bless others and we aren’t afraid to work hard for it. We want community and we want to be surrounded by other women who support and love one another unconditionally💕 I am just so proud of my coaches. CONGRATS!!! This is all because of you!!! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our team, all of our new coaches, and all of our leaders. I know 2021 is going to be magical + full of blessings and hope and prosperity. I pray every day for my coaches hopes and dreams and affirmations🙏🏻And I am so honored and humbled that I have been blessed to be this teams leader and mentor because they have blessed my life 100 fold. So proud. So grateful.



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