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My Girl's Transformation!

OMGOSH MY GIRL @jacquelyn.irene_ 🤍I might have shed a few tears when I saw her transformation!

Jacqui and I met over here on the gram📲She lives in New Hampshire, I live in Florida. After a month of chatting she joined my training group. I tried to convince her to be a coach since she is a fitness instructor but she said she was too busy as a teacher. But she wanted to commit to our 100 day program⚡️so she committed and by day 50 she was ready - she was ready to go ALL IN!!! NOW 1 year later she is in the best shape of her life and she has helped so many women transform their lives👯‍♀️check out what she said👇🏻

I snapped this photo today because it was exactly ONE YEAR AGO that I said yes to committing to something for my own happiness. This week last year I was getting ready to start my very first fitness and nutrition routine.

I remember saying, “There is no way I will ever show anyone this picture of me.” I remember I was crying out loud for some sort of quick fix to get myself back on track. Was this a quick fix? Of course not, but I am so glad it wasn’t. Now I have a lifestyle change. I have a community I am excited about waking up to every single morning... and it’s not just about a workout only.

Are there days I don’t way to show up? Of course, but I do it anyway. Do I cut the snacks and foods that aren’t fueling me? Yes, but I still indulge in my favorites and drink my Prosecco. Do I wake up and speak positivity? I do, even when I’m not feeling positive. Consistency is key. Realistic goals are key. Routine and dedication are key. Motivation is not key. 🔑

This last year has changed me more than just on the outside. This was the week last year I decided I wanted change and I decided to do something different. Thank you, Jacqui, for doing something out of your comfort zone. I feel happy, I feel strong, I feel ready to take on the last 80 days of 2020. Let’s go!

I thank God every day for connecting Jacqui + I in our inboxes💌She was meant to be a part of our sisterhood + destined to make an impact on the lives of others🤍Love u so much friend!



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