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Go After Your Calling


One of the many reasons I didn’t go after my calling was because of rejection. And honestly for quite some time I had no idea what my calling was!!! I didn’t think that I had a talent or a gift or anything that I was super passionate about. I just thought that my “calling” was to be a mom and nurse. And even though I was perfectly happy being a SAHM while working contract as a nurse, I didn’t feel complete and DEEP DOWN IN MY HEART I knew that God had MORE for my life. I craved for more. I searched for more, but I had no idea what that was or what that looked like.

That is when my calling found me. Really it was when God placed it upon my heart at a women’s conference back in 2014 to to start sharing my story, my mess, my struggles with the world. It was then that THIS was my MORE. This was the thing I was searching more. It was passion, purpose, all the things I craved. I realized my gift and calling was to encourage women. To give hope + strength that they could transform their life just like I had body, mind, and spirit. And it then quickly evolved into a business that allowed me to help women with their health and fitness AND mentor women to build their own businesses centered around what they loved.

The thing is, I had to get to a point where I didn’t care what other people thought of me anymore!!! Looking back, fear of rejection held me back for YEARS of not walking into my full potential. And I just came to a point in life where I had to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

My girl Jamie Kern Lima shared 3 things about rejection👇🏼

1. Rejection is victory

2. Rejection is a reflection of where THEY are at - not YOU

3. Rejection is God‘s protection

What if we starting looking at rejection as a GOOD THING not a bad thing…What would you do differently or what would your life look like if you didn’t have fear of rejection?

[ STEP OUT IN FAITH ] my sweet friend and start living that calling that was placed upon your heart.



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