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4 Ways to Rise Up

Remember that your desires were given to you because they were meant for you. Remember that you were given the means to make manifest💫 these desires by believing in the not yet seen, by focusing your thoughts and words on the hollerings of your heart.🤍Soooo how exactly do you do that?! Check out these 4 ways on how you can RISE UP to become your best self: ❶ Face your fears ❷ Surround yourself with extraordinary people ❸ Align your habits with who you want to become ❹ Repeatedly take action even when it is uncomfortable Because if you didn’t know this, you are MIGHTY + MAGNIFICENT and to think that you can’t or shouldn’t or don’t deserve the desires that light up your heart is absolutely ridiculous sis!!! You are here to blossom into the most authentic, joyful, bright, shiny version of yourself. And by being your best self, you light a fuse within others, inspire them, and show them what’s possible for them too!!! What one do you need to work on to rise up?!



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