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Lower Body Workout

Take me back to the day when my girls were working out💪🏻with me in my garage!!! The 3 of us connected through my story. As I shared my postpartum and anxiety journey on social📲these two mama’s watched me👀Johnna and Paige were both newly postpartum and were looking for something to help them not only get back into shape but a place to belong. Johnna reached out to me to learn more and I slid in Paige’s dm’s inviting her to join me. I won’t go into the nitty gritty of the in-between of their stories, but what I can tell you is… Both of them were struggling with their health and fitness. Both of them were looking for a community of women. Both of them were looking for more. Both of them said no to coaching. Both of them lost OVER 30 lbs. Both of them began inspiring other women to transform their lives. Both of them became coaches. Both of them doubted their abilities to lead. Both of them are two of my TOP leaders on my team. So moral of the story. You aren’t alone friend. There are other mama’s just like you looking for support and friendship. Don’t wait. Reach out. Ask for help. Because you never know - that one YES - might open up a whole new world of opportunities for to transform your life!!! and OH YEA - try our lower body workout!!! Complete 4 Rounds - 15 Reps Per Move ❶ Banded Side-Lunge Squat Knee Raise ❷ Weighted Squats ❸ Weighted Deadlifts SAVE it + SHARE IT with a bestie - #womensupportingwomen is pretty much everything!!!



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