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I Like Short Shorts & a Whole Lot of Weights

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I like short shorts, high socks, and a whole lot of weights - what about you?!?!

I can still remember how hesitant I was to workout from home. After all those years being in the gym and doing crossfit. I was 100% sure that at-home workouts would never give me the results I was wanting nor the community that I loved so much🖤But 2 years ago when I was selected to be in a pilot fitness test group, my contract stated I could ONLY do this workout so it wouldn’t skew my results. That meant no crossfit for 12 weeks or the competition I signed up for.

Welp, long story short, I got in the best shape of my life with that “home” program, cancelled my $150 monthly membership, and grew my virtual community for daily accountability and support. And I haven’t looked back since. My programming is the BEST of the BEST but our community of women is even BETTER.

Try this workout, it is a total body, focusing on your arms, abs, and bootyDon’t forget share it with a gf who would like this workout too.


Shoulders: Czech Press

Shoulders: Front Raise

Core: Slider Windshield Wipers

Glutes: Side Lunge Hold

Back: Bridge Pull Over

Bicep: Camel Bicep Curl

Core: Weighted Twisting Roll Down

Glutes: Marching Bridge

Chest: Bridge Bilateral Press

Triceps: Tricep Kickback in Lunge

Core: Weighted Knee Drops

Glutes: Curtsy Lunge Pulse


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