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But What If You Fly Darling?

I was 15 when I first saw snow❄️My best friend invited me to go with her family to Colorado. Worst part, I couldn’t afford it. I felt embarrassed, I felt ashamed that we didn’t have the money for me to pay my own way. So they paid for it. Traveling really wasn’t an option for me growing up. We just didn’t have the money. When I was younger, I would go to Maryland every summer to stay with my grandparents for two weeks. All of the mission trips I went on in high school, I did fundraisers. And I paid for my first trip to NYC with my graduation money. Now as a mama of 3, it is one of my daily affirmations to travel with my children. To give them the life I didn’t have. To see the world TOGETHER🌍and to create memories that last a lifetime. That is one of the many reasons why I began building my own business from home. I sacrificed early mornings, late nights, Netflix, and social gatherings to have THIS life of freedom🙏🏻 Guess what the first thing was that I did 6 years ago with my first paycheck from my biz? I took our family to Disney for 4 days and I paid for all of it! It was the most FREEing and JOYFUL moment to bless my family like that. And this week we created new memories🏔 It is was our first time to Banner Elk. It is was our first time sledding. It was our first time building a snowman. It was the first time skiing with our kids. These are the moments I LIVE for☃️And I hope and pray that my journey, my life, my business can inspire you to DREAM big for your family!!! And just know, you too can create the life of freedom your heart desires💕You too can raise babies + a business that blesses your life in more ways that you could ever imagine💫you just have to take the leap and fly!!! “What if I fall? Oh, but Darling what if you fly?”.



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