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To the Mama's

Ella: “Mom you don’t work during the summer”.

Me: “Um Ella of course I do, I work all of the time” {insert laugh}🤣

Ella: “No you don’t. I don’t ever see you working. You aren’t on calls during the day. And we take trips during the summer”.


The point of this conversation - I have built a business centered around my family. I work when I want and wherever I want.

I do work all of the time. I love working. kinda obsessed with my coaching business.

But it is also a priority to me to be home with them. To travel with them. To be there for them when they need me the most.

When my kids are sleeping in the morning and sound asleep at night💤 I am working. When my kids are in the pool and playing with their friends, I am working. In every pocket of free time I am working to build a legacy, to build a business that blesses my family and every single women I know!!!


to the mama out there looking for more.

to the mama looking to be home with her kids.

to the mama who is the HARDEST working woman in the room.

to the mama who is looking to have more friendship.

to the mama who is looking for more purpose.

to the mama who is looking to contribute to her family’s household income.

to the mama who dreams to travel the world with her family.

💁trust me when I say that coaching can be that answer for all of the above!!!

I would love to share more with you about online coaching and how it is has forever changed my life!!! Mama Mentorship Starts soon!. [email me to chat more]



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