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Your Gateway Drug to Confidence (It’s Not What You Think) 😉

You are probably thinking, “gateway drug to confidence, what is Ali talking about”?!?!

Well, its not what you think lol..just keep reading…

I have been thinking and praying about how I could GIVE BACK to all of you, aka my girl gang, aka our Imperfectly Balanced community 🖤 and something that has impacted my life so much is mindset growth, community, and fitness. And every week I host something called “Confidence Club” on Saturday morning. From 7-8am est we share, we uplift, we inspire one another THEN from 8am - 9am est I share a free workout for all of us to do together! Sounds pretty fab right?!?!

So come join us + bring a girlfriend‍♀️I know that our Saturday morning sesh can be your new gateway to CONFIDENCE!

EVERY SATURDAY FREE support + sisterhood + sweaty sesh🖤

7am - 8am est: Grab Ya Coffee + Share

8am - 9am est: Workout

Also check out the picture below of all the books that I recommend reading to help you build confidence and belief in yourself. And watch my video about it too:)

See ya Saturday!!!




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