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Spring Quote Phone Wallpaper

We’ve talked about spring cleaning of our rooms, bathrooms, pantries and outdoors, but what about a spring clean of your phone? The electronic most used and most likely closest to us at all times; does it get tidied up, reorganized or a fresh coat of paint, ever? Not literally, of course, but as you work your way, room by room, this spring, consider giving your device a clean up, too!

Here are five steps to get you started!

  1. Get older photos off your phone and back them up to an external drive like Google or Dropbox!

  2. Take inventory of the apps you use and get rid of the ones you don’t!

  3. Organize your remaining apps into folders, putting your most frequently used apps on your homepage with a shortcut for easy access!

  4. Clear cached data! This will vary phone to phone (aka Google it!) but in your settings and storage area you should see an option to clear cache!

  5. Add a new, fresh background to your phone! Save one of the photos below that inspires you and add it as your background!



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