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My Fav Mindset Growth Books

Personal development [and of course Jesus too] saved my life. For real, I know that sounds pretty intense but it's true. 8 years ago when I was battling postpartum anxiety and panic attacks I began immersing myself in self-help books. From reading my daily Jesus Calling devotional to reading every mindset growth book out there to take back control over my thoughts to listening to podcast after podcast - I am who I am today from mindset growth.

Growing mentally strong has helped me gain confidence in myself to lose 40lbs to become a more present + peaceful wife and mom to become an entrepreneur and leader, and most of all to simply overcome anxiety and become a healthier, happier me!

Check out the books I suggested above and make a plan to start reading - k? If you have a certain area of struggle that you want to grow in, feel free to message me and I can give you more suggestions if none of the books above connect with you.

Set your timer for 10 minutes a day and start reading. Then ask yourself, “What is one thing I can apply from my reading today to my life, today?”

Remember your health starts from the INSIDE-out. Where your mind goes, your actions follow. So start focusing on your mental transformation and then your physical results will follow.



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