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Lower Body Workout with Charlie💪🏻🐶

Anyone else have a furbaby that gets in the way of your workout all the time?!?! Yep thats Charlie for ya!!! Well, leg day is definitely NOT my favorite day - I prefer arms and abs thats for sure but this lower body workout from my boxing bootcamp🥊 is short and sweet and works my legs in all the right places!!! Legit its only 28 minutes - so kind of perfect for this busy working mama!

Check out my 3 fav leg moves - add them to your workout or do a 3 set of these with 15 reps and you will get a fabulous burn

❶ Weighted Squat

❷ Banded Squat

❸ Weighed Hip Hinge

HAPPY WORKOUT beautiful babeAnd don't forget to scroll down and grab an ENTIRE FREE WEEK of meal planning +'s the meal plan I gave to my free clean week community this week. Let me know what recipe is your fav!!!


Plan A if you weigh >185lbs and Plan B if you weigh <185lbs!


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