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Let’s Chat WFH👩🏼‍💻🏡

Let’s Chat WFH! And so you don't have to google it like I did, haha it just means "working from home":)

For years I worked in the hospital as a nurse. My hours and tasks were set for me. I knew exactly what, when, and where to do something. But when I started my business from home 5 years ago with 3 littles + a hubby that traveled a lot - things looked quite different. I quickly realized that if I wanted to build a business from home I had to map out a plan and establish a routine that allowed me to be productive and successful on a daily basis. In 5 years, while being a mama of 3, I have been blessed to be able to take my passion and turn it into a multi-six figure business from home. and yes it has required a whole lot of heart, hustle, and sacrifice but totally worth it for the freedom ✌🏻

Check out my 6 TOP TIPS below that have been the foundation for consistent growth and productivity in my biz.

  1. Set Business Hours - If I didn’t have set business hours I would be working all of the time OR doing nothing at all, so for me it helps me to honor my priorities to both my family and my business. I love working early in the morning. I wake up every day at 5am so that I can have 3 hours of work time before my family is up:)

  2. Schedule it - Once I establish my hours, I get a calendar that shows the month, weeks, and days so I can schedule out my commitments to my biz I EVEN schedule in my workouts + family + social life. I also love time-blocking. That is where I schedule out my activities hour by hour throughout the day. It helps me SOOOO much stay focused and not get wrapped up in my inbox!

  3. Work from a List - Having a to-do list helps me stay focused on what needs to get done for the day. Its also a great tool to help me see areas of improvement if I am not hitting my goals.

  4. Do your MITs first {Most Important Tasks} aka your income producing activities. Every day I write down my top 4 activities that help move my business forward. I do those before anything else aka I eat that frog or those tasks won’t get done because they are usually the hardest.

  5. Eliminate Distractions - I am the queen of distractions. Turning my notifications off and my phone on airplane mode help me to stay on task. I also do not scroll social media as that is a time stealer and I schedule in my TV for the weekends as my goal during the week is my family and business.

  6. Cut the Fluff - When building a business it is easy to get excited about the fun shiny things like blogging, graphics, events, but those are not the things that truly help you be productive in your business. Its the nitty gritty behinds the scenes work that moves the needle forward in your business. Make a list of the most important tasks you have to do to be productive in your business then everyone else goes on the “fluff” list. Once you reach or achieve your business goal then go do something fun on your fluff list:)

Do you work from home? And what is your fav tip?!?! 👇🏻

xoxo, Ali


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