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Let's Chat Nutrition🥦

I get asked pretty much every day, "what do you eat and what nutrition plan do you follow"...and the biggest question of them all is "how do you meal prep?".

Well, in this video I am just covering my personal approach to eating and the different plans I follow to reach my goals and get amazing results, sound good!?!?

So if you don't know my backstory - I began struggling with postpartum anxiety 6 weeks postpartum my 3rd child. It was debilitating. I had to go on medication and my life felt apart. I was a #hotmess if I can be honest:/ But during that time when I began to rehabilitate myself, I fell in love with fitness and nutrition. Especially how nutrition is medicine to your body. I became a certified holistic health coach and nutritionist and immersed myself in understanding that "you are what you eat".

As someone who has battled eating disorders, I have tried it all. Weight watchers, macro counting, slimfast, diet pills, are just a few!!! None of them worked for me nor helped me understand how powerful food is to transforming your health and body.

For years now, I have been following a 3 plan approach to my nutrition. I use it in my own life and with my clients. It has helped me overcome my emotional/binge eating issues and it truly makes healthy eating a lifestyle that has allowed me to lose 40lbs and get in the best shape of my life:)

Check out my video below as I share with you my approach to eating clean. Hopefully it will inspire you to find your balance in your nutrition so that you can begin to feel your best!!!

Happy Clean Eating my friend 💕

and just because I appreciate your support SO MUCH I am including a week of recipes for ya:) this is the weekly meal plan + recipes I send my clients every week.

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