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My Top Tips to NOT Get Sick

As a working mama of 3, I do not have time to get sick!! Check out what I do daily to stay healthy and prevent getting sick.

Daily practices:

  1. Stay hydrated - Drink ya weight in oz

  2. Eat clean - Cut processed food especially sugar and alcohol

  3. Workout - Move that body 30 minutes a day, sweat the toxins out

  4. Soak up some rays - Sunshine for vitamin d

  5. Sleep - 80% of healing occurs

  6. Minimize Stress - Stress lowers the immune system

  7. Wash your hands - 20 seconds scrub scrub scrub


  1. Daily Superfood Shake

  2. During Sick Season

  • D3 drops

  • Elderberry

  • Raw Garlic {bacteria only}

  • Mushroom Support

Listen more to my video to hear other tips on what to do when someone gets sick in your house :) In January, we got hit hard as a family - everyone got sick but me and I know it's because I prevented and protected myself from those nasty germs!!!

Stay healthy my friend and don’t forget to cover that cough and wash your hands!


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