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Love for Kellie

LOVE seeing my girl Kellie's progress from my brand new 9 week program💪she is a wife, mamaX2, personal trainer, + one of my coaches!!!👀what she said:

“2 weeks difference.

It may not be a ton, but it’s progress. I’ve already broken several bad habits in just two weeks that I didn’t even realize were holding me back.

I’m not having Dr Pepper during the week. Not because I decided I can’t, but I’m just so focused on my water intake that I don’t crave it because I’m not thirsty!

I’m waking up at 5:45 every morning without snoozing my alarm.

I’m not procrastinating my workouts. I’m making sure my body is properly fueled with a balanced diet so I can train like an athlete.

Idk about you, but my 2021 is going pretty great so far 🙌Because I made the choice to make it that way👊”

And don't forget - I am always here to help support you and connect on what helps you reach your goals!!!



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