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7 Days of Healthy Eats

Do you get tired of thinking about what is for dinner? Or what to meal prep for the week? Nutrition is such a big part of feeling good and it definitely seems to be the hardest part for most people….including myself😉 So I am going to share my two secret weapons with ya: 1️⃣ Eat the same thing. I know that sounds boring, and if you really hate eating the same thing, you can change it up with spices and seasonings. But I generally eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and snack each day of the week. That way, when I am meal planning I only have to think about dinner. It is easier to know what to grab at the store and it makes prepping for my week simpler! You can also meal prep a couple of different breakfast and lunch options and eat them all week if that sounds better! I usually have a smoothie for breakfast, so I can add in different fruits, nut butters, and superfoods to switch it up a bit! 2️⃣ Weekly Meal Plans - I provide a weekly meal plan to my clients every week! I always look through the lunch and dinner options to decide on what to eat for dinner and then our favorites get bookmarked so we know to come back to them! The recipes are easy, delicious, and on plan! And it comes with a grocery list, so if you want to follow the plan exactly, you are ready to head to the store! Want to check out a recent meal plan?!



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