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7 Days of Gratitude

November is here and traditionally that means a month of thanks, a time for gratitude, a month of reflection on all the good things in our lives! 2020 has been tough in a lot of ways, but I think we all have seen some positive takeaways as well!

I was reading some personal development the other day and the concept of gratitude and being grateful right when we wake up was discussed. Most of us start and end our day with social media, which can often be toxic and inspire jealousy (not gratitude).

So, I challenge you this week, each morning when you wake up, to think of 3 things that you are grateful for and then glance at this graphic and decide which exercise of gratitude you are going to do that day.

This can be done in one minute, but I assure you that it will change your outlook on the whole day. And expressing gratitude towards others? That can change your day… and theirs!



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