Join our IMPERFECTLY BALANCED Coach Sisterhood

There are not enough words to describe how much this community of women mean to me…

These beautiful inspiring women have become like family to me, a sisterhood that I will forever cherish. 

We live life together, help others change their lives together, & we are now building a life-changing business together…with our faith & family at the center of it all! 

One thing I have learned over the course of my 3-year health journey is that women need friendship. They need support, a place to belong...a place to be accepted, & a place to be loved & appreciated. And THAT is what our Imperfectly Balanced Team is all about. 

The women in this picture are more than just a face…they are moms, registered nurses, teachers, military wives, active military, physicians’ assistants, midwives, personal trainers, corporate America, soccer coaches, lawyers, licensed counselors, occupational/physical therapists, business owners, pastors, college students, and waitresses. 

Some of us women have struggled with anxiety, depression, illness, death, divorce, deployment, addiction, abuse, and much more…But we are in it TOGETHER! You were never meant to live life alone. 

All of us of come from different walks and stages of life…but at the CORE we are all the same. We all are women who want MORE. We are learning to becoming Imperfectly Balanced together. And each one of us have a story of HOPE to share with others. I am not sure where you are at in life right now…But I do know that this community of women & Coaching can & will change your life just like it did mine & ALL of these women’s lives. 

I would love to have you apart of our sisterhood & have the opportunity to live life with you…the good, the bad...ALL of it;)  

If you have the desire to help motivate, inspire, and uplift other women to getting healthy on the inside-out, then it is time for you to join our Imperfectly Balanced Team! 

Our mission is to SHINE BRIGHT and be a beacon of hope and strength to other women. I want our IMPERFECTIONS & our struggles to inspire women to become "IMPERFECTLY BALANCED" inside-out.  

We were all born with the ability to change someone's life, so don't waste that opportunity. You have a voice and someone needs to hear it!

I am so proud to be called a Beachbody coach. We all have a story & if you allow it... your story can help change the lives of other women. My health journey of becoming "Imperfectly Balanced" is now helping women all over the country to change their health, change their life.

 My health story & mission for Imperfectly Balanced…  
 What is your WHY for coaching?  
 Who can be a coach?  
 How to get started as a coach?  
If you are interested and or ready to join my team and become a Coach here are a few things you need to know:
1.)    You must be willing and ready to get in shape by using Beachbody programs and/or products. Not only will I be teaching you how to be a Coach, but I will also be educating you on nutrition and fitness. I am not asking you to be at your fitness goal, but you must be willing to lead by example and show that the products do work.

2.)   You must COMMIT to completing ALL of the coach training assignments and be willing to step OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. You have to let your FAITH be bigger than your FEAR. You have to be bold and be willing to share your story with others.

3.)   You must be COACHABLE & COMMITTED. I am going to teach you how to be a successful coach, have incredible challenge groups, and build your own team. I have made many mistakes along the way and so will you, but you have to be open and willing to learn. You have to work for your success just like I did. It takes commitment, time, and patience…and the willingness to learn.

If you are looking for something more in life…hope, passion, support, financial freedom, whatever it is, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to change your life…and change the lives of others.

Be the girl who decided to GO FOR IT!

Please take the time to fill out the application below if you are interested in becoming a Coach on our Imperfectly Balanced Team. 

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