Health & Fitness Challenge Groups

So here are the details…I run my challenge groups in a 21 day SECRET Facebook group for only women who are serious about getting healthy. The women in my group are dedicated, committed, and work hard to achieve their health and fitness goals. There are no shortcuts in my challenge groups. If you want results you have to work hard, eat clean, and change your mindset.

The first step in participating in my challenge group is that you and I decide what workout program is best for you. We discuss your goals and we choose a program that will best meet your needs and your abilities. And then you will purchase a challenge pack.

The challenge pack provides you with the ENTIRE work program, nutrition guide, 30-day supply of shakeology, food containers, and more.

As your coach…I go above and beyond to help you reach your goals. Every Sunday we check-in and discuss your weekly results and see where changes need to be made to maximize your results. I provide a monthly meet-ups to my challengers. This creates a sense community for the women to show support and it helps us to feel more connected with one another in our health journey.  I also supply all of my challengers with customized meal plans and a recipe book.  
·         1:1 Weekly Check-In’s
·         1 Monthly Meet-up’s – 1 Group Workout 
·         Customized Meal Plans
·         An Endless List of Clean, Healthy Recipes
·         Ongoing Support, Motivation, & Accountability

What I EXPECT FROM YOU if you are in my challenge group:
·     You must follow your workout program, if that means your program asks you to workout every day for 30 minutes, 7 days a week…you will do it. We are in this TOGETHER!

·     DO NOT deviate from the nutrition plan.  80% of your results is based on nutrition alone. So if you want results, follow the nutrition plan. With your challenge pack you will get a nutrition guide and food portioned containers if you are following the 21 day fix program.  I will also provide you meal plans that I know will give you success and results. Along with these meal plans, I will provide you with amazing, healthy, and clean recipes that you and your family with enjoy.

·     Be involved in the challenge Facebook group. Every day I will have daily posts with assignments and you need to do those. It does not require a lot of extra time, but these tasks are going to keep you accountable to ME & to the other women in the group. You asked for support and accountability to get healthy and that is what this is.  Every Sunday you will be required to check in with me with your STATs as well so I can monitor your progress.  From my experience as a coach, the women that are active in our group discussions and stay in contact with me have the BEST RESULTS.

I take my challenge groups very serious…It is a passion of mine to help women get healthy inside-out and help them find their balance in life while doing that. It takes hard work and commitment to see results and you have to give 100%. 

We are on this journey together and I want to help you reach all of your goals you have for yourself and family!

I have NO DOUBT you will fall in love with the community of women. They offer such incredible support & inspiration along with your 1:1 Coaching from me. In life we were not meant to do it alone...we were meant to have support & friendship & that is exactly what these challenge groups offer  you. 

Your life will be FOREVER changed if you decide to say YES! 
So DECIDE today to COMMIT to this challenge and you will SUCCEED.

It is time for you to feel your BEST...body, mind, & spirit! 

And if you want to see challenger TRANSFORMATIONS click HERE

You can email me HERE for more details or fill out the challenge group application below to get started! 

Fill out my online form.
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