Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Live Your Passion

Do you get to LIVE out your PASSION every day?!?!?
Well, I am looking to mentor 20 new women who are ready to take their passion for health & fitness to the next level & help more people change their lives!!! 
If you are looking for MORE…join here ✚ https://alitessitore.wufoo.com/forms/mct9a9d1v4aowr/
I get to live OUT-LOUD my passion for health, hope, & community EVERY.SINGLE.DAY & I want that for for you!!! 
I have been SO blessed to have been given the opportunity to take my passion for health & fitness & turn it into a remarkable at-home business. I have the freedom to GIVE BACK to others, stay-at-home with my 3 children, & truly experience MORE joy & fulfillment in my life than I have ever before. 
The best part...I am surrounded by the best sisterhood of women who are like-minded, strong, empowering, faith-filled, driven, & hard-working!!! 
I am not sure where you are at in life right now…but if you are looking for MORE purpose, MORE passion, MORE freedom, MORE friendship, simply MORE for you…then I would LOVE for you to join our Imperfectly Balanced Coach Sisterhood.
And remember ANYONE can be a Coach...all it takes is the willingness to change your life & share your health & fitness journey along with the passion to help & serve others!!!!
As an Elite Coach I will personally be mentoring 20 new women who are ready to go ALL in to transform their lives to live a PASSION, PURPOSE-filled life!!!
If you want more information on becoming a coach on our Imperfectly Balanced Team you can private message me at imperfectlybalancedbyali@gmail.com OR you can even fill out our team application below...
I cannot wait to get to know you more & help you forever change your life & the lives of others through health, fitness, & community!!!! 

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  1. We always keep hearing about having a balanced approach. But what is a balanced approach? It is very difficult to determine and follow. This perfectly explains all that.