Monday, July 11, 2016

Nashville HERE WE COME!!!

I am literally JUMPING up & DOWN right now because ALL of these amazing ladies are heading to Nashville in 16 Days to REPRESENT Imperfectly Balanced!!!!!!!!!!! 

Last year 2 of us were at Summit…and NOW 12!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year we were not even an elite team or in the top 200 teams…and NOW we are an ELITE team…and TOP 100!!!!

There will be LOTS of CELEBRATING going on thats for sure;) 

OMGEEEEEEE 5 days with these amazing ladies learning how to help more women change their lives!!!!! 

Every day…we get workouts by celebrity trainers…attend parties to celebrate ALL the lives that we have helped change…eat some TACOS together...learn from the best of the BEST motivational speakers & TOP coaches to help us become better women, wives, moms, and coaches…but most of all we get to spend time TOGETHER!!

I know I say it all the time…but…our team…isn’t just a team…we are family…we are a sisterhood…we live life together…we celebrate one another…we lift one another up…we give HOPE...we provide COMMUNITY…we find PURPOSE...we are Imperfectly Balanced!!!

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