Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fitness Throwback

I am definitely a fitness fanatic…I love every type of workout.

This picture is a TRAINING THROWBACK from when I did the Piyo Program to the NOW 22 Minute Program. 

Both of these progress pictures were taken at Week 5 of the programs. 

It is amazing to me to see the difference in my results.

The Piyo program was a 6 week program that consisted of yoga/pilate moves and it hands down gave me the BEST core results!!! I LOVED my core results, but I didn’t feel like I got as lean as I would have liked from this program.

The 22 Minute program that I am doing right now is an 8 week program bootcamp style workout that I am in LOVE with. It is HANDS down my favorite program.  The workouts are ONLY 22 minutes long 6 days a week. And this program has not only helped get me my abs back BUT it has leaned me down tremendously!!!

With both of these programs I followed the meal plans I created for my challenge groups & I had 1 cheat meal a week. 

I am 100% sure that I have been able to stay on track with both of these programs because I have a support system of women who are doing the programs right along with me.

Every single month I Coach an all women’s health & fitness challenge group that provides support, accountability, motivation, workouts, meal plans, recipes, and weekly 1:1 check-in’s with ME:) 

Whether you are a fitness fanatic like me or you are ready to get your health back…we ALL need support…so why not do it together?!?!

Whether you are a runner, Crossfitter, Orange Theory member, gym rat, Tone It Up Chick, Kayla Itsines girl, or yogi…you BELONG in our group! 

Let’s get healthy TOGETHER inside-out:)

Our next Imperfectly Balanced Challenge Group begins prep on May 30th.

If you are ready to make a change & join our next #IBChick challenge group email me HERE or fill out the application below. 

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Fill out my online form.


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