Thursday, May 12, 2016

22 to 31 Transformation

I was 22 years-old when I had our son. I started off my pregnancy at my highest weight ever. I was extremely unhealthy drinking Coke Zero 3-4 times a day & eating fast fav BIG MACS and the only exercise I had was working 3 - 12 hour shifts at the hospital. 

Health was NOT in my vocabulary in my 20s nor my pregnancy. 

Fast FOWARD to today.

I am 31 years old...3 kids later.

And I am the HEALTHIEST I have EVER been in my life inside-out!!! 

YES...I have stretch marks. 
YES...I have loose skin. 
YES...I had a c-section.
YES...I had an umbilical hernia. 
YES...I had diastasis recti. 
YES...YOU can have abs after having kids. takes work. is WORTH IT. 

I challenge you to look one of your THROWBACK pictures & compare who you were then to who you are now...

Have you changed?

If not, what changes do you want to make to become a better women, wife, & mom? 

I would love to help you make a change...whether it is body, mind, or spirit...myself along with our remarkable community of woman will help you every step of the way. 

Ready for change...Email me HERE or fill out the Imperfectly Balanced Challenge Group form below. 

***Challenge Starts May 30th AFTER Memorial Day***

Can't wait to have the opportunity to help you reach your health and fitness goal.

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