Wednesday, March 9, 2016

22 Minutes...that is ALL I am asking for!!!

22 Minutes...

That is all I am asking for!!!
Yes, I am speaking to ALL of you ladies who tell me you do not have time to workout. I get it…I am a wife, mom of 3, business owner, juggle the rolls of being a teacher, taxi driver, nurse, & chef. I get it…who has the time to workout with all of that?!?!?

Well, YOU DO! You make time for what is important to you…and YOU are important. 22 minutes a day will change your life. 

All you have to do is SHOW UP!

April 4th, I am going to COMMIT to 22 minutes a day of exercise for 8 weeks. And I am looking for 20 ladies who are ready to THROW OUT those excuses & COMMIT to 22 minutes a day with me.

So WHY only 22 Minutes a day?
Simply because that is all you need. The military-inspired workout program is designed to burn fat, build lean muscle, and get you “Boot Camp Fit” in 22 minutes a day. This program is perfect for all my ladies who do not have a lot of time to workout but what an effective, straightforward workout that will get results FAST!

So HOW do you sign up & what do you get? 

1.     If you are not currently drinking Shakeology you are going to want to get the 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack that comes with a month supply of Shakeology. You will receive the 22 Minute Hard Corps program with 8 workouts, an 8 week basic training action plan, a nutrition guide, a resistant sandbag & an optional hell week challenge.

2. If you ALREADY drink Shakeology you can get the 22 Minute Hard Corps PerformanceLine Challenge Pack which includes Energize, a pre-workout supplement that will boost your energy & then the Performance Recover which is a post-workout supplement that helps you to combat exercise induced muscle soreness.

What you get from ME as your Coach:

1.     8 weeks of Meal Plans
2.    100 page+ PDF Recipe Book of Clean Recipes
3.    Secret Virtual Challenge Group for DAILY support
4.    Weekly 1:1 accountability with ME  à Certified Holistic Health Coach
5.     Motivation & support from an incredible community of women
6.    Life-changing results from the INSIDE-OUT

---> Best part is that I will be with your EVERY step of the way. 22 Minutes represents SO MUCH more to me than just 22 Minutes. It represents CHANGE, COMMITMENT, & HOPE. I can speak from experience that when you make time for YOU & invest time into your health, your life will be FOREVER changed!

The challenge will begin prep on April 4th & the actual challenge will begin April 11th.
ONLY 20 ladies who are ready to FULLY commit 22 Minutes a day with me…BE BIGGER than your EXCUSES & choose YOU!

If you are ready to COMMIT & PARTNER with me for 22 Minutes a day, fill out the application BELOW for review.

22 Minute Transformations...
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Fill out my online form.


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