Monday, March 28, 2016

The Secret Battle...

For the past 3 1/2 years, I have been on a journey…a journey that began 6 weeks post-partum after my 3rd child.

The Secret Battle that SO MANY mom’s fight alone…

Postpartum Anxiety…

I was that mom who battled it alone out of fear…

Fear of the unknown
Fear of being judged
Fear of being misunderstood

For months I put on the “picture perfect” smile & acted like everything was normal but on the inside I was tormented with anxiety, fear, & sheer panic.

For weeks I couldn’t even drive my kids in the car without having a panic attack, it was a NIGHTMARE!

My life had been completely flipped upside down & I had no idea how to fix it.

I felt completely lost & misunderstood.

My 3rd pregnancy was extremely rough.  After having our daughter the lack of sleep, paired with breastfeeding, Grad school coursework along with the normal demands of every day life my body just went haywire! It literally shut down on me.  I felt such a loss of control and I couldn't understand WHY and WHAT was happening to me!

I was the most controlled, "put-together" person, I tried to be SUPERWOMAN. And it ALL caught up to me.  That was when I realized I had to start putting God & my health first. I had to stop neglecting myself & make the decision to change my life.

The family picture above is symbolic to me because it was the day that I decided to CHANGE...

I had to find ME again. I had to find my balance as a women, wife, mother, daughter, and friend.  And that was when I began my new journey to live a healthier happier life.

I took a leave of absence from Grad school and I started reprioritizing my life and the needs of my family. I took back my health!  I began exercising regularly & changed my nutrition.

Exercise and clean, healthy food became medicine to my body.

I learned to UNPLUG & be still…even though that was totally against my nature! I had to find peace on PURPOSE.  I thank God every day for His never-ending strength, peace, & guidance during those tough times. He still is my CALM in the STORM!

Even though that was the worst time in my life it was also the BEST time in my life.

I have never grown so much spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically during that time in my life. That was when I learned to become"Imperfectly Balanced”.

So whoever you are that needs to hear this...Know TODAY that you are NOT alone in this struggle. There are mom’s ALL around you fighting this same battle.

And I am one of those women!

I am PROOF that you can & will OVERCOME this battle.

Yes, I have to take daily preventative measures to keep stress down but I have been panic attack FREE since 
January 9th, 2013.

If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!

But you have to take ACTION. The CHANGE starts with YOU.

ACCEPT that you need HELP.
Be OPEN & honest.
Surround yourself with people who UPLIFT you.
Be FEARLESS in your pursuit for change.

No...the road to recovery is not easy, but I promise you it is SO WORTH IT! 

Know that He has a plan to prosper you...Plans to give you HOPE & a future! Plans to use your STORY to help others. 

Decide TODAY that you are meant for MORE...choose FREEDOM!

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Golden Scoop

This LITTLE golden scoop will indeed help YOU have the HEALTHIEST year of your life!

It includes:

Vitamin A, C, D, E, K1, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12
Folic Acid
Isolated Whey Protein
Flax meal
Chia meal

It then...

* Boosts immunity
* Helps fight diseases
* Anti-inflammatory
* Can slow down the aging process
* Detoxifies the body by removing the unwanted toxins and cleanses your system
* Has Alkalizing Properties

And then REDUCES the risk of:

* Heart Disease
* High Blood Pressure (which can lead to stroke)
* Dementia
* And Arthritis
* Wide range of essential nutrients
* Provides the necessary vitamins you need every day
* Fills in the gaps for dietary deficiencies

No brainer for me!

If you want more details on how to get this GOLDEN SCOOP of nutrients - email at

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

22 Minutes...that is ALL I am asking for!!!

22 Minutes...

That is all I am asking for!!!
Yes, I am speaking to ALL of you ladies who tell me you do not have time to workout. I get it…I am a wife, mom of 3, business owner, juggle the rolls of being a teacher, taxi driver, nurse, & chef. I get it…who has the time to workout with all of that?!?!?

Well, YOU DO! You make time for what is important to you…and YOU are important. 22 minutes a day will change your life. 

All you have to do is SHOW UP!

April 4th, I am going to COMMIT to 22 minutes a day of exercise for 8 weeks. And I am looking for 20 ladies who are ready to THROW OUT those excuses & COMMIT to 22 minutes a day with me.

So WHY only 22 Minutes a day?
Simply because that is all you need. The military-inspired workout program is designed to burn fat, build lean muscle, and get you “Boot Camp Fit” in 22 minutes a day. This program is perfect for all my ladies who do not have a lot of time to workout but what an effective, straightforward workout that will get results FAST!

So HOW do you sign up & what do you get? 

1.     If you are not currently drinking Shakeology you are going to want to get the 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack that comes with a month supply of Shakeology. You will receive the 22 Minute Hard Corps program with 8 workouts, an 8 week basic training action plan, a nutrition guide, a resistant sandbag & an optional hell week challenge.

2. If you ALREADY drink Shakeology you can get the 22 Minute Hard Corps PerformanceLine Challenge Pack which includes Energize, a pre-workout supplement that will boost your energy & then the Performance Recover which is a post-workout supplement that helps you to combat exercise induced muscle soreness.

What you get from ME as your Coach:

1.     8 weeks of Meal Plans
2.    100 page+ PDF Recipe Book of Clean Recipes
3.    Secret Virtual Challenge Group for DAILY support
4.    Weekly 1:1 accountability with ME  à Certified Holistic Health Coach
5.     Motivation & support from an incredible community of women
6.    Life-changing results from the INSIDE-OUT

---> Best part is that I will be with your EVERY step of the way. 22 Minutes represents SO MUCH more to me than just 22 Minutes. It represents CHANGE, COMMITMENT, & HOPE. I can speak from experience that when you make time for YOU & invest time into your health, your life will be FOREVER changed!

The challenge will begin prep on April 4th & the actual challenge will begin April 11th.
ONLY 20 ladies who are ready to FULLY commit 22 Minutes a day with me…BE BIGGER than your EXCUSES & choose YOU!

If you are ready to COMMIT & PARTNER with me for 22 Minutes a day, fill out the application BELOW for review.

22 Minute Transformations...
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Fill out my online form.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Julie's Transformation Story - The "Under the Radar" Challenger

The best part about being a Coach is watching women transform their lives from the INSIDE-out!  Every day I have the opportunity to partner with remarkable women who are ready to go ALL IN & change their LIFE. There is nothing more rewarding to me to be able to SHARE with you stories of women who have become IMPERFECTLY BALANCED!

This particular transformation is very dear to my heart because Julie & I go WAY back…15 years+ back! Julie just didn’t complete a challenge, she turned the challenge into a lifestyle & inspired her family to change their health too. She was able to decrease her Hashimoto’s medication & even go off of her blood pressure medication…she even ran her first mile a month ago!!!

Julie's transformation is proof that NUTRITION plays an intricate role in not only losing weight but that it can also be medicine to your body. So for all of you ladies that use exercise as an excuse NOT to get healthy, you can still focus on nutrition & have a life-changing transformation. The exercise will follow...

Please take the time to read Julie’s Story in her own words…

1. WHEN & WHY did you decide to join my challenge group?

I am a 52 year old wife and mom. I work full time and love what I do. My husband is retired from the military so I had the honor of supporting him as a military spouse until we retired in Florida 15 years ago. Our kids are 25 and 27 and live in Seminole.

I joined my first challenge group in March of 2015. I saw Ali on Facebook posting about Shakeology, Beachbody, & Challenge Groups & it peaked my interest. I figured...I can do anything for 21 days. I loved food, I hated exercise and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease 3 years ago. I weighed in at a solid 185 pounds. I had never exercised except for walking the Belleair Bridge and I would only do that in spurts. 

So I decided to reach out to Ali and ask her to be my Coach. I asked Ali to coach me “under the radar”. NO shout-outs, NO call-outs, just quietly be my guide through this process. I had failed so many times before I didn't want to shout it out from the rooftops that, "Yes, I'm going to try and lose weight, AGAIN"! 

I asked Ali to help me lose 10 pounds and to help me be able to complete 1 push up. I'm not sure why Ali agreed to my demands, but I'm so thankful she did. I started my first 21 day fix the day my husband left for a 3 week trip. It was perfect. Ali asked me to weigh and measure myself. I weighed, but I WOULD NOT measure. I didn't want to have those measurements staring at me in the face when I failed.

Ali asked me to take a picture, but I DIDN’T. I wanted no proof of my failure. But...I DID NOT FAIL. Well, nutritionally anyway. I meal prepped. I stuck to the plan. The weight started coming off. Not quickly, but quick enough to keep me motivated. Here's the thing, and I don't recommend this, I didn't do any of the exercises. I was so horribly out of shape that I couldn't do them. Instead of pushing through (which I highly recommend for anyone starting the program) I didn't. I walked the bridge again, with no real rhyme or reason, just doing “something” so Ali would think I was doing something:) 

Today, I weigh 145 pounds. A total weight loss of 40 pounds. I had lost the majority of the weight by August. In October, I decided it was time to get physical. My daughter was doing Orange Theory and told me that I should try it. I decided that I had to do something, and nothing was going to be easy so why not start here, an hour of high intensity interval training. Yes, crazy. I have been doing Orange Theory for 4 months now. I ran a mile for the first time in my life last month.

I am so, incredibly thankful for Ali. For always being there to answer my questions and encourage me in this journey. For not giving up on me when I didn't exercise like I was supposed to. Instead of giving me grief she encouraged my nutrition.

2. What is your transformation? How has your life changed since you said YES? How have you changed body, mind, & spirit since starting your 1st challenge?

I lost 40 pounds. My husband has lost 50 pounds. This all started with me doing the 21 Day Fix program and using Shakeology. I am getting fit. When I started this journey I took up to 6 pills per night. My health was not good and I was always tired. I now ONLY take medicine for asthma and my thyroid. Hashimoto's never goes away but my synthroid dosage was lowered just last week. I was able to completely stop my blood pressure medication! My pressure is now below normal.

I still love food and I still have weekends that are a blur of wonderful gooey goodness but now I know how to reset and fix it after a foody weekend. I understand food. I understand what my body needs and how to take care of myself and my husband. I didn't fail. I SUCCEEDED. I can do push-up's (girly ones) at the studio. I can run.

I wish I had measured. I wish I had taken that picture. I wish I had started the exercises when I first started. But here's the thing. I'm here 40 pounds lighter, feeling better than I ever have and I'm looking forward now.


Julie there are not enough words to describe how PROUD I am of you! As I write this, I am tearing up thinking about how far you have come! You made YOU important…you realized that you were meant for MORE! Less than a year ago YOU made up your mind to forever change your life & you did just that. You are a walking testimony that anything is possible! You have truly found your balance in life with your nutrition & NOW exercise – a LIFER in every way

Know that YOUR story Julie will inspire & empower women that they TOO can change their health, change their life just like you did.

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