Monday, January 11, 2016

Be Faithful with Few

For the past couples months God has been laying alot on my heart...personally & professionally.

I know that God has BIG plans for my life but He also has big plans for YOUR LIFE:)

I am realizing that most of the time when God calls you to new places it requires alot of time, strength, wisdom, patience, faith, & trust!

"Well, done, good, and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of MANY things. Come and SHARE your happiness". Matthew 25:21

And I truly believe that when you HONOR God in the small things...He will ABUNDANTLY bless you with more...

No matter what my FAITH & FAMILY are #1 in my life...I want to give God all the glory & honor in everything that I do.

All I know is that in 2 years from now I want to look back and be able to say "WELL DONE" because I decided to be faithful with few today:) And I want the same for you!!!

I want to encourage ALL of you that read some SELF-EVALUATION in your own life...are you honoring God in the small areas of your life?

Are you honoring Him in your family, your job, & your finances?

Make a PLAN today to put Him first in your life so that you can have a life FULL of blessings, joy, & prosperity!

#IBChick #whatsYOURplan #beFAITHFULwithfew

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