Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My WHY for Coaching...LIVE Call TONIGHT @ 9pm


My WHY for Coaching...

1 Year ago I decided to take a HUGE leap of FAITH & become a Health Coach. 

And that ONE decision has forever changed my life & my family's life. 

I once felt lost, hopeless, & unsure of WHO I was...but now I have purpose, passion, hope, & freedom. 

Every day I am able to SHARE my story and inspire women to change. 

My FAITH & FAMILY is what drives me to LIVE FEARLESSLY...Health & Fitness is what creates the COMMUNITY...& FREEDOM is the result of changing lives as a Coach. 

Listen to my WHY this Tuesday, October 20th @ 9pm et. 
from your phone or computer.


Excited to share my HEART & PASSION with you all.


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Friday, October 16, 2015

It Started with 15 Women...

It started with 15 women...

1 Year Ago...

They BELIEVED in me & I BELIEVED in them. 

The women right here represent the start of CHANGE. Since then over 300 women have been apart of our challenge groups. 

They have discovered what it means to become Imperfectly Balanced.

A community of support & friendship has been formed over this past year. We have supported one another in the good & the bad. 

Our community of women include:

Corporate America

And I am looking for 10 new women to join us this month in our CELEBRATION of CHANGE Challenge Group. 

In this challenge you will find your balance in getting healthy form the inside-out through...

  1. Short & Sweet Workouts 
  2. Clean Eating 
  3. Daily inspiration & Support
  4. 1:1 Coaching from ME

AND of course because it's a PARTY there will be...

  • Weekly prizes
  • Fun Contests
  • Local Meet-up Celebration 
  • Turkey Trot 5K

Deadline OCTOBER 26th

Only 10 NEW women...

JOIN in on the CELEBRATION of CHANGE challenge group HERE➡️

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