Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Piyo - Thoughts on Week 1

It was time for me to try something NEW...& I strongly trying DISLIKE new things.  I am not a risk taker at all and even trying a new workout program is difficult for me. BUT I took the plunge and decided to commit to the PIYO program by Chalene Johnson. I am a cardio addict, everything must be intense and NONSTOP and Piyo is the complete opposite of that.
Below are my BEFORE pictures from Day 1 of starting the Piyo program. I do not need to lose much weight, but my goals are to increase flexibility, strengthen my core, & lose that extra "fluff" I put on over the summer.
The Piyo program is an 8 week program with workouts 6 days a week, ranging from 20-45 minutes each session.  You get a nutritional guide that provides you a calorie bracket to follow. From those guidelines, I made meal plans based off of those specifications for my needs. Along with the workouts and the nutritional guidelines the only supplement I will be adding into my nutrition is Shakeology with a few occasional Protein Recovery Shakes.   
So my thoughts on Week 1:
Nutrition was great. I am use to following a meal plan and it makes easier to stay on track when I have my meals planned and prepped for the week. I did have 2 cheat meals my first week but maintained 80/20 principle.
As for the workouts, I struggled. They were very slow for me and honestly I was a little bored. I was slightly discouraged to see how low my calorie burn was BUT I have never had a fat % burn that high before! SERIOUSLY 63% FAT BURN!
By the 3rd day, random parts of my body were wrists, my feet, and my hips. Obviously letting me know that I worked out some areas that I haven't before! I really enjoyed the lower and upper define workouts which were only 20 minutes each so I added some extra cardio in with those workouts. I am excited to see what the other workouts will be like, hopefully a little bit more fast pace.
Above are my STATs from Day 7, 1 week after starting Piyo. I lost 2lbs. and 1 in. Happy with the results and proud of myself for not giving up yet!
Stay tuned for more Piyo updates:)
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