Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Love Slimdown

What better way to KICK OFF summer than by joining my 7 Day Summer Love Slimdown Challenge!

You'll not only feel great in 7 days but you will lose a few extra pounds for your summer vacation!
Challenge BEGINS Sunday, June 21st, the 1ST day of Summer.
This Challenge is FREE & open to ALL! Feel free to invite family & friends to join you.
I will provide a 7 day meal plan for you to follow as well as a few of my favorite recipes. I will also give you a daily workout challenge that I want you to complete every day with your 30-60 minute workout of choice.
To make this a FUN summer lovin' challenge, every day I will give you a daily assignment to participate in so that you can stay accountable to the group.
So lets recap....
1. Follow my exact meal plan
2. Complete workout challenge with your own workout of choice EVERY DAY & POST it in the group
3. Participate in the daily assignments
4. Make me your Coach for FREE here
After you have made me your Coach, find the Summer Love Slimdown Challenge here to join!

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