Monday, February 2, 2015

Sense of Community

Have you ever felt like you were all alone? I know for me life can be overwhelming sometimes and I feel like I am the only one that has 3 kids to taxi drive around, mounds of laundry piled up, and a nonstop schedule. Then amongst all of that I am trying to live a HEALTHY lifestyle.
But GUESS are NOT alone. There are so many women that have the same exact story as you and have the same exact EXCUSES as you.
One of the best parts of my challenge groups is the sense of COMMUNITY among the women.

Relationships are built and bonds are formed through living a healthy lifestyle together.

We are there for one another in our journey of changing our health and changing our life. We learn to BALANCE our CRAZY lives together and help each other OVERCOME our EXCUSES.

All of the women in my group are learning to become a Imperfectly Balanced and getting healthy on the Inside-Out.

We have two monthly meet-ups for all my challengers one which is a group workout and the other is a grocery store meet-up to meet one another, go over meal plans, workout programs, and grocery shop together!

Like I always say the missing link to reaching your health and fitness goals is accountability.
You weren't meant to do it alone so if you're looking for a support system to get healthy or stay healthy, message me and I would love to have you apart of our community of women.
Women supporting women is simply AMAZING and LIFE-CHANGING. I would love to have you join our Imperfectly Balanced Family.
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