Monday, February 9, 2015

Finding your Balance

In life, whatever you do, you have to find YOUR BALANCE. For each of us, we all have our limits to how much we can workout each week to how much carbs and sugar we should eat...but it is all about finding a balance that allows you to make it a SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE. Every one is different and all that matters is that you are IMPERFECTLY BALANCED in a way that makes you healthy and happy.
In saying that...most people struggle with food. They struggle with the ability to say "no" and to adhere to any type of "diet". But that is the thing, if you live a balanced lifestyle you don't have to say "no"! You just have to learn how.
For those of you that are looking to have MORE balance in your eating habits I encourage you to start eating LESS processed “dirty” foods and MORE “clean” foods.
Foods that you want to limit:
“Bad” carbs
Processed packaged food
And in return I want you to replace by ADDING more:
Lean proteins
Omega 3’s
Healthy carbs such as brown rice, quinoa, and sweet potatoes
And lots of water
The key to it all is BALANCE.  Everything is about moderation! And that is the difference between a diet and a lifestyle. You can eat what you want and when you want in but in moderation!!! My eating lifestyle consists of 80/20...80% of the time I eat clean, healthy choices that fuel and nourish my body and the other 20% are little treats aka cheat meals...This is my LIFESTYLE…It’s where I find my BALANCE.   
So the next time you are trying to decide if you should eat that cupcake or not...remember 80/20...If you are being "good" 80% of the time then go ahead and indulge in that yummy cupcake.
We are to enjoy life and live it to the fullest, but that doesn't mean we can't be healthy too. If you need help figuring out what foods are healthy and not healthy...or even learn how to make a meal plan, email me and I would love it help you find your BALANCE!
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