Monday, January 26, 2015

Power in Numbers

I truly believe that there is POWER IN NUMBERS. When a group of people come together ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. In my own journey of getting healthy on the inside-out, I have had key people help me reach my personal goals. My husband, my mother, my counselor, my childhood pastors, my doctors, and some of my best friends were my support system when I was overcoming anxiety and learning to become IMPERFECTLY BALANCED...and the key to my recovery was ACCOUNTABILITY.  I truly believe that the missing link to achieving anything is a support system and accountability. When you are accountable to someone you do not want to let them down. For me my support system encouraged, inspired, and supported me in the good and the bad. They helped me see areas in my life that needed to change and have growth. They spoke wisdom into my life and prayed for me. They wanted the best for me.
Each new chapter in my life, new people were brought into my life as support. And I can honestly say that if it were not for those people, that support system I had, I would not be who I am today.
No matter that you are going through...Whether it is a health or family issue or you are struggling emotionally or spiritually, find someone that can keep you accountable and help you find your way.
I have partnered with so many women to help them change their health.  I can tell you that those who have had the most success are those that have stayed accountable to me and developed a 1:1 personal relationship with me. Remember there is POWER IN NUMBERS and when a group of women come together to support and uplift one another...WATCH OUT....they might just change the world!
I love my ladies! And we are all striving to become IMPERFECTLY BALANCED together INSIDE-OUT.
We weren't meant to do it alone!
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