Tuesday, January 20, 2015


As we approach Valentine's Day I was trying to think about how I could theme my next challenge group...LOVE was obviously apparent but then it came to me LOVE YOUR BODY. In society today, so many women compare themselves to others and become so negative about their body and their flaws. But I want women to LOVE THEIR BODY and embrace the flaws and all. We are all perfectly and wonderfully made. And I think most women forget that. We were not designed to be the same size, shape, height, weight, and bone structure. So we need to STOP COMPARING. Each one of you are beautiful no matter what size you are and in my challenge group your are going to learn how to LOVE YOUR BODY (no matter what the scale says) and ALSO learn to get healthy from the INSIDE-OUT. Yes, I believe that each of us one of us are unique and perfectly made but I also believe it is our job to take CARE OF OUR BODY and honor it with the lifestyle we live...and a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.
In my challenge group I will encourage you to love your body but "fine-tune" it with healthy choices. I will provide you with customized meal plans, healthy clean recipe book, motivation, support, and accountability. Plus the support and inspiration from the other women in the group is INCREDIBLE.
If you are interested in finding out more details about my LOVE YOUR BODY challenge email me NOW
The DEADLINE to sign up is JANUARY 26TH, 2015, and my CHALLENGE GROUP will begin FEBRUARY 2ND, 2015.  
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