Tuesday, December 23, 2014

SKINNY to STRONG...Transformation Story...A MUST SEE!

I get a lot of emails from people saying "I don't need to lose weight would your program work for me?". And my answer is YES. People are not just in my group to lose weight, but to get strong and gain muscle and to get healthy from the inside-out.
One of my challengers this month was already skinny but really wanted to "tone-up" and that is exactly what she did. She went from SKINNY to STRONG in just 21 days. She had multiple Christmas events, married, mother of 2 kids, and was even sick and still worked out for 21 DAYS IN A ROW & followed my meals plans. And guess what she saw RESULTS! I am so proud of this challenger and she did an absolutely incredible job in my NAUGHTY or NICE challenge group...And I can't wait to see her results from my January challenge group NEW YEAR, NEW YOU.
Read her story below!
In her words, "I am a stay at home mother of 2 under 5. My story is I simply fell into a rut that I think is so easy to fall into. I viewed exercise as a twice a week chance to be out by myself instead of something I needed to keep me going. I was dragging myself through each day on low energy and a short temper. I would be easily swayed into a glass or more of wine each night to combat my stress and the calories were adding up. I wasn't taking care of me while taking care of my family. I have truly learned that it takes almost no additional time in my week to take care of myself in order to be a happier, healthier, more awesome mom and wife. I have energy and I feel great. My physical transformation was remarkable to me and my husband has flooded me with compliments. My kids love seeing me work out and have enjoyed many of the healthy foods I was eating with me. I love to learn and grow on a daily basis and I feel like I am learning something new about my body and how nutrition works on our bodies. I have learned that I can still make dinner for my family every night. I can still participate in dinners out, parties with friends, vacations and family functions. I can still have play dates, run the kids to school and activities and have time for me. I know now that I need a plan for these situations instead of allowing my gas tank to run on empty (or just coffee). I am filling my fridge, freezer and pantry with healthy choices that will be easy to grab and I am sharing these choices with friends and at parties. It is possible and its really not that hard once you set your mind to doing something and holding yourself accountable".
And her thoughts on the challenge group, "Amazing! I really needed someone to push me in the right direction and you did just that but not in an intimidating way but more of a nurturing way. You were real, upfront, honest and clear with expectations. It was hard for me at first to get used to the social media aspect of the group because I am an in and out Facebook user. I get it now, its just everyone checking in with each other and the support was awesome".
K, again I am so proud of you and your commitment to this challenge group was incredible!!! I loved seeing all of your "selfies" in our group and you displayed so much self-control and discipline. I know you are inspiring everyone around you to get healthier! Keep up the fabulous job and 2015 is going to be your best year yet INSIDE-OUT!
If you want to be SKINNY to STRONG or need to get healthy from the INSIDE-OUT email me NOW so we can figure out a plan for you:)
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