Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My November Favorites

Every one has favorite items that they use, wear, or eat every day....and these are a few of my November favorites this month! Click the picture to be directed...
1. Boots - I love winter because I get to wear boots...in Florida we might have 3 months of boot weather then back to flip flops or sneakers for me! Here are my fav for November.
2. Leggings - I ABSOLUTELY love leggings. These are probably the most comfortable clothing item I wear besides a maxi dress! Right now my go-to Hue leggings are these from Nordstrom!
3. Workout Tank - Yes, I am ecstatic that I now can wear MY OWN workout tank top and I LOVE IT! Who says you can't look cute when you workout:)
4. Crossbody purse - I love purses and I love big purses, but lately I just can't carry anything else, so I have been using this fabulous purse this month and its still super stylish and cute!
5. Lipstick - I might have too many lipsticks, but a girl truly cannot have too many. This is my new favorite color! You will love it, a little bit of pink but not too much for every day wear.
6. Shake Shake Shake - Loving my new Vegan chocolate shakeology AMAZING. I crave it every morning. I blend with ice, water, and organic powdered peanut butter YUM! Click the picture to read more about it!
7. Face Mask - My skin has been acting up this month more so than normal. I love this Aztec mask because it deep cleans and removes all the impurities from my skin. Select the picture to read more about it and see what products to use and how!
8. La Croix Coconut Water - Drink obsession right now and always. You can buy at any grocery store...pretty much anyone I tell to drink it becomes obsessed too!
9. Book of the Month - This books helps you learn how to say NO and when to choose your BEST YES...something I struggle with every day because I try to do EVERYTHING...what women doesn't struggle with that.
10. Moto Jacket - I love a good jacket that isn't too heavy that you can layer with a cute top underneath and not be too hot! I absolutely love this jacket and might wear it too much!
11. Anastasia Contour Palette - If you like to contour and highlight your makeup this is a must have! I love it!
12. Lace sweater - Loving this sweater with the lace details!
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