Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mr. & Mrs. Success Story
Kayla lost 4lbs & 3 inches
Her husband lost 14 lbs.!!!!!!
Listen to her story
I absolutely LOVE it when a wife & husband get healthy together. Kayla signed up for my November challenge group with the intention that she would get healthy and in better shape, but before she knew it her husband was asking to drink her shakeology and eating her new healthy meals she had prepared! Now they are both dong the December challenge group again together and I cannot wait to see their continued results.

Kayla's Story
Kayla is a wife, a mother to a 3 yr. old boy, and a registered nurse
“It was fun to be in such a great group of girls and have continued support from each other and our coach. Being held accountable really helped me stick to the plan. I was excited to do the challenge because I had been really slacking on exercising and making time for myself. I am a busy mom and wife and sometimes get so caught up in the day to day routine that I put myself last. I was making excuses and not taking care of me. Having Ali as a coach was great because she gave me all the tools to succeed. The meal plan was great and this was very important for my weight loss. I lost 4 pounds and 3.5 inches in the waist. My clothes are fitting much better and that makes me feel so great. After having a baby your body really changed and I didn't think I could get it back again. Well this challenge proves anything is possible with hard work and dedication. My hubby also lost 14 pounds just by changing his diet. He is feeling so much better and motivates me as well. Ali you were a great coach and gave us everything and more to succeed, that is why I signed up for the next challenge as well. Thanks for your encouragement and great clean recipes”.
Kayla, I am so incredibly proud your commitment to the group, but also the example you set of your husband. You led my example and you inspired him to get healthy and change his life! I cannot wait to see your continued results from the December group and keep it up girl, you are doing incredible!
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