Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Insanity Max WHAT?!

Insanity Max, say WHAT?! This program is absolutely incredible and I am so excited to start this INSANE program. I am a workout junkie...I love every form of exercise! My favorite workout besides my at-home workout program is crossfit. I started crossfit in June of 2014 and I have fell in love with it. But it is costly and if you have kids it might be hard to go to the I have the next best thing! The Insanity Max program is a money and time saver for you and its takes you to the next level by pushing you to your MAX and helping your break  your personal record just like crossfit!
Watch the video below

Here are more details about this program and how it might be the perfect program for yourto start in my January Challenge Group, NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!
What makes INSANITY MAX 30 unique?
INSANITY MAX 30 helps everyone find a way to MAXOUT and get INSANE results. Every day is a brand-new challenge in INSANITY MAX 30. With killer cardio and challenging Tabata-style strength workouts to push you to your limits. Shaun pushes you to work harder, go longer, and MAX OUT later. It’s not about making it through all 30 minutes. It’s about pushing yourself more each day to break your personal record just like in crossfit!
And even though INSANITY MAX:30 is a challenging program, the great thing is you can follow the modifier—whatever your fitness level—to MAX OUT and still get MAX results!
What is INSANITY MAX 30?
Welcome to the craziest 30 minutes of your day—and the best results of your life! If you’re ready to push harder than ever before . . . and Dig Deeper than you ever thought you could . . INSANITY MAX 30 can help you see results. Because it’s not about finishing the workout—it’s about seeing how far you’ll go before you MAX OUT.

There’s no equipment needed in these killer cardio and Tabata-style strength workouts. Just push to your MAX and get INSANE results in 30 minutes, 5 days a week!

Why is INSANITY MAX 30 effective?
INSANITY MAX 30 can help you get ridiculous results in 60 days. The goal is to work as hard as you can for as long as you can until you MAX OUT—the point when you just can’t do anymore or you begin to lose form. Each workout pushes you to beat your last MAX OUT time to keep you accountable. Go one minute longer and you’ll get remarkably stronger—every single day. That’s how you lose more weight and get an INSANE body fast. When you’re committed to working to your MAX every workout, 30 minutes a day is all you’ll need to get shredded abs, crazy glutes, and ridiculous arms. You’ll achieve MAX muscle definition using nothing but your body.

 So does this program sound like something you are ready to do in January for my NEW YEAR, NEW YOU challenge group? If, so APPLY now before all the spots are don't want to miss out on CHANGING your HEALTH, CHANGING your LIFE!
What you will get with this program:
1:1 Health Coaching from me
Customized meal plans
Clean, Healthy Recipes
AT-HOME 30 minute workouts
Long-term results
A Happier, Healthier you!
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