Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wellness Wednesday - Jenna & Jenna BFF Story - Read & WATCH VIDEO

A BFF Story:
Support, Accountability and Motivation at it's
These two fabulous, joyful, and committed best friends were in my November challenge group. Jenna M. messaged me and was like I want to do your challenge and I am getting my best friend to do it too! I loved hearing about the extra support and accountability they made not only to the challenge group but to one another. They would talk daily about their food prep, meal plans, TEMPTATIONS, progress, and life as a mom doing this challenge. They even live across the country, Cali and Florida, and still managed to support one another. This is the type of support of every women needs and this is what we offer in our challenge groups. Loved getting to know both Jenna & Jenna and can’t wait to see where their story takes them!\
Jenna M’s Story
A full-time working wife and mommy of 2.
Well, I guess like most girls, I have always wanted that rockin' bod! I have never been overweight but I also have never felt super confident about my body. Then throw in 2 pregnancies and all the body changes that come with that and let's just say my confidence level was probably at an all-time low. I had lost all of my baby weight after baby #2 but my body just wasn't the same. Everything was jiggly! I have tried eating healthy and working out on my own and maybe made it a week or so. Or I would eat "kind of" healthy and workout a few days a week and expect to see results. From this challenge I have clearly learned you have to give 110% of you want results! It's crazy to think this challenge was only 3 weeks and I have seen a lot of changes in myself! I signed up with one of my best friends Jenna T. and I know she helped me stay more committed. I figured, I can do anything for 21 days! SO I have it my all and I a so happy with the results. I've lost 5 pounds and several inches off my body. I feel more confident. I feel more happy. I just feel better. I am excited to take everything I have learned and use it from here on out as a lifestyle, not a diet :)
My favorite thing about the challenge group was the meal plan provided and being able to ask you ANY questions at ANY time and you always got back to me so quickly. I loved knowing you had provided the meal plan and that you are very educated when it comes to nutrition.
ALI!!!! You have been a fabulous coach!!! I have been following you on FB and instagram and stalking your blog since before the Challenge. I saw that you knew your stuff on health and nutrition and that helped me make my decision to join your group! I loved that I could come to you with any questions and you would give me the facts! I will 100% recommend you to anyone and everyone. I think you are doing an awesome job!
And to you Jenna M....I have absolutely loved being your coach during this challenge and I cannot wait to see your growth during our next challenge together! Your comedic personality always had me laughing and I loved your commitment level to the group and to followed my meal plan to a "T" and that is hardcore girl. Again, I am so proud of you and you inspired me and many others around you. Keep up the amazing dedication, nothing will stop you!
Jenna T's Story

A wife, mommy of 1, marathon runner, & a literary blogger for the public library system.
In Jenna’s words, “I’m still in disbelief that I lost so many inches. I keep thinking I miss-measured! I feel amazing. I actually felt amazing after the very first day which I think is an amazing testament to this programs nutrition. It’s whole foods that your body craves and excels on. I feel stronger, leaner, and really well rounded and happy. The workouts were new everyday which kept things interesting and fresh each day. I loved the support and I loved knowing that this wasn't just my journey but rather a joint journey with an incredible team! The support! I've always been a lone wolf when it comes to fitness and now I know what I've been missing! My mental game was stronger and my results were better!
Ali, you honestly exceeded every expectation I ever had for this challenge. I knew you were right there with us and that was a HUGE motivator. I think your longest response time to my questions was 42 seconds ha-ha. I honestly loved working with you Ali”.
Jenna T…Don’t worry I didn’t mind answering your messages every 42 seconds…that is what I am here forJ I loved your committed to the challenge and your attention to DETAIL to the meal plan and all your pictures! You brought an artistic side to our group with your amazing picture “check-in’s” and I am thrilled to see your continue transformation of toning up in our December challenge group! And remember…you can be a Shepherd!!!


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