Monday, November 17, 2014

Real People...Real Results...Success Stories Here We Come! PLEASE READ

I am amazed by the results I am seeing in my challenge group! Incredible!!! In two weeks my group of women have lost.... 90.9lbs. in two weeks, but the best thing about this challenge is that they are feeling great on the inside, increased energy levels, sleeping better, less cravings, lower blood pressure readings, less aches and pains, learning self-control and discipline, and being an example to their family and friends!
I want to share two challenge success stories with you as my challenge groups are about REAL PEOPLE with REAL RESULTS. Its about creating A LIFESTYLE for yourself, not a fad diet!
Challenger Brittany

Total of 14 lbs and proud to say GOODBYE to those love-handles:

Brittany was my first challenger to sign up for the November challenge group and I was ecstatic when she did! I have known her and her husband since high school and its always extra fun to do challenges with friends:)  Brittany is a wife and a mother to two children, 3 and 6 months.  She joined the challenge group because she was ready to shed the prego weight and get back to her pre-pregnancy figure!  Brittany also wanted to learn about portion control and develop healthy exercise habits.   The biggest obstacle for Brittany to overcome in this challenge is that she has 2 younger children and is a  total foodie!!
Brittany said that this challenge group has, " Helped me realize how important healthy nutrition and exercise are to daily life. I feel so much healthier and energized. I used to eat nothing but carbs. My digestion was terrible, I was sluggish and bloated and I gained weight constantly. Now, I can't wait to get up in the morning and make good choices. It's helped my family to make better choices in their meals as well and we are more active together. Win, win,  win!".
I am so proud of her because I know how hard it is to work out when it hasn't been a habit in your life and then to find the time when you have little ones running around your house!
Brittany your transformation has been amazing to watch and I am so honored to be on this journey with you and I can't wait to continue seeing your results!
Challenger Gail
In 14 DAYS Gail has lost 6.5lbs and I know she is going to hit her 8 lb. goal on the 21st Day!
So I love Gail! She actually use to be one of my teachers back in the day! When she signed up for my challenge group I was ecstatic and I knew she would be an amazing challenger! She is a wife, mother to 3 grown children: 1 married and the other two still living at home (ages 20 and 21), a daughter, a teacher, and a Christ follower. Gail wanted to be apart of this challenge group to challenge herself. She wanted take off those last stubborn 8 pounds, learn to eat cleaner, prepare better meals and be held accountable. And she loves an environment where she can encourage others. She also wanted to take what she learned from the group and help her family make better decisions with their eating and exercise habits.
When I asked Gail what she loved about this challenge group this is what she had to say, "This challenge has changed my perspective physically and mentally as to what I can accomplish.  The online support from my coach, Ali Tessitore, has been tremendous!! Along with Ali's tips, knowledge and encouragement, the ladies in my challenge group have been significant on my journey as well.  Everyone helps everyone push through to get through those tough moments by using the online forum.  The accountability within our team has been incredibly motivating for me; its helped me not to slack.  In the past 2 weeks I have become stronger physically and mentally; I can already see the physical changes in my body.  I love the Shakeology as well.  I've seen a remarkable decrease in my cravings and my energy levels have certainly increased.  Joining this group has been one of the best decisions I have made for my family and me.  We are all eating clean now and they all admit, it tastes really good!  I am signed up to do the next 21 Day Fix in December along with my daughter.  I'm excited to see the transformation in both of us as we continue this wonderful journey together!  Thank you Ali Tessitore for the commitment you have to help others get healthy!!!
Gail I am so proud of you!!! I actually tear up when I read your response because this is why I love leading challenge groups to INSPIRE and bring CHANGE! You are so inspirational not only to me and the other women in our group, but also to your family! BE PROUD!
Other Challengers Comments throughout the past 14 Days:
"I have increased energy. I am usually sooo fatigued, but I have actually had endurance to make it through my day! Mentally, I have noticed decreased anxiety!!!".
"I just wanted to say before I started this challenge, I was having a hard time with my complexion. I went and bought a whole bunch of expensive facial products. Since I've started this challenge my complexion looks so much better. I wish I would have waited and not spent all that money. I believe the shakeo and eating is making a huge difference!"
"Thank you so much for being the catalyst!!! The encourager!! I appreciate you more than you know!!!"
"I want you to know how blessed I am that you are my coach; you encouraged me and walked me through getting started, not to mention all that you do for the challenge group and me each and every day!!  For that I am so grateful!! :)  I feel sooooooo good!!!" 
These are just a few of the comments and I can't even begin to tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE MY CHALLENGERS! They INSPIRE ME  to be a better person and coach! I LOVE YOU LADIES!

Below are my own progress pictures. I already had the habit of exercising and eating clean but the 21 Day Fix is really helping me lean down & town up!
 You can see from myself and a few of my challengers that everyone has their own story. They are unique in their own way and each one of the women in my group have learned to overcome their own personal obstacles to getting healthy through nutrition and exercise. We have all ages in our groups, even GRANDMAs...and they kept the pace with the 20 year-olds! If they can do it YOU CAN DO IT. So join my next challenge group and get the support and accountability you need to get healthy from the inside-out!
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