Monday, November 24, 2014

Motivational Monday - Tips to Surviving the Holidays!

 If you’re contemplating the perfect time to “cheat” on your nutritional plan then there’s no other perfect time or place than at a holiday party or event. The holidays mark a time when people make up every reason to justify inhaling an enormous plate of food they would normally never consider eating in one week, let alone one meal. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years have all the elements necessary to throw you off your plan but they don't have to. Breaking your nutrition plan of clean eating and stopping your fitness routine will only make it that much harder to restart come January 1st, 2015. Baked goodies and holiday parties galore bombard us from November 27th until January 2nd making this the season of packing on the pounds. People can gain anywhere from one to 10 pounds in the short time period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day…And I know I don’t want to gain 10lbs! But the great thing is, you CAN survive the holiday season, you can enjoy the festivities and indulge a bit without getting out of control. Being mindful of what you’re eating while continuing to exercise will keep you from ruining your health and fitness goals. Here are a few tips to keep you on track with your exercise and eating during the holiday season:
1.        Schedule you workouts: Every excuse will come at you during the holiday season not to workout!  Holiday family dinners, social gatherings, work parties, vacation, cold weather, and even the excuse to get healthy in the New Year will stop you from working out. But this is truly the MOST IMPORTANT time of the year to sweat and burn those extra calories! You need to schedule your workouts in like you would a doctor’s appointment and DON’T CANCEL!  It is for your own good! You need to put yourself first, your health first, and make your workouts a priority.  Working out will help you de-stress during the holiday season and keep your metabolism up and running while you eat those NAUGHTY FOODS at holiday festivities! Maybe before your Thanksgiving meal you run in a 5k like I am doing with my current challenge group or play some football with your family after you eat Christmas dinner. Do something to get active during the holidays don’t wait till 2015!
2.       Have a plan: Most holiday treats and foods are not healthy! Honey baked ham, cookies, casseroles, cakes, punches, eggnog, and pastas are not healthy at all! It is very rare to go to a holiday party and find a veggie or fruit tray anymore, they just don’t exist. So you need to come up with a plan with how you are going to BALANCE all of this NAUGHTY food during the holidays while still eating the NICE food. First and foremost if you aren’t at a party you should be trying to eat as clean and as healthy as possible knowing what the future holds for you. If you know that you are going to have two parties this weekend, allow yourself to have two NAUGHTY meals for the week and that is it. I am saying meals not DAYS! Binge eating Friday – Sunday is going to put on the weight and make you go into a food coma. Another way to have success with your eating is to “make special occasions special” meaning you don’t have to indulge at EVERY holiday party, just the special holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New year’s. The third eating plan tip is to put a time cap on your eating. You have one hour to eat the foods at the party and then when time is up you are done. I am not saying stuff your face in 1 hour, but this stops you from eating ALL night long which can add up in calories. So establish boundaries and create a plan where you can have success with your eating. You will be happy you did!
3.       Don’t go to a party HUNGRY: Seriously when you are HANGRY, you eat everything in sight. Arriving at the party with a happy belly will keep you from filling up on the “temporary bliss” of instant gratification which only leads to guilty and a stomach ache the next morning!So before you go to a party or holiday shopping, pack a healthy snack to take with you and eat something little before you go. Drink a protein shake beforehand (my favorite is shakeology cause it curbs your cravings), bring some nuts and an apple with you shopping, just be prepared to not become ravenous!
4.      Watch those drinks: Hot cocoa, whipped cream, eggnog, and holiday cocktails are liquid carbs and calories! You need to either limit yourself with the drinks or make a tradeoff with food items. If you are going to have that hot chocolate with whip cream don’t eat so many cookies! As for alcoholic drinks, stick with one specialty drink if possible and make sure to DRINK A LOT OF WATER! People who drink more water actually eat less food, which means less calories.

5.       Portions!!!! When you are out at a restaurant or at a party browse the food and or menu and figure out what your healthy options are to eat. Always fill up on protein, vegetables, and fruit first!!!! Avoid the carbs if at all possible until the end of the night, then allow yourself to have 1 treat…any dessert you want! Before heading back for a second plate, drink a glass of water and see how you feel.  Another tip is to limit your plates, like you will only eat 1 or 2 plates of food and that is it and use the small plates for more portion controlJ Rather than filling up your plate with double servings of every dish in sight maybe sample just a bite of each of the foods you like. This way you still get to taste what you want to eat without devouring all of the food at the party.

6.       Bring your own: If you are invited to a party bring along your favorite healthy dish and maybe you can inspire some of your friends to do the same J
Bottom line is it all comes down to discipline and self-control, how bad do you really need to eat those foods and is it worth it? Some of my challengers have worked so hard to lose weight and putting 5lbs back on from the holidays is two weeks’ worth of working out and eating clean! Indulge occasionally, schedule your workouts, plan for nutritious meals, and try to keep a healthy mind-set.
To help you stay on track for this holiday season, you can join my next challenge group that starts December 1st! Today is the last day to join and I would love to have you apart of my holiday challenge group. You will get 1:1 coaching with me, meal plans, daily 30 minute workouts, grocery lists, recipes, support, motivation, and accountability. I PPROMISE you you won’t regret it!
Let’s make it through the holidays together J Email me or message me on facebook if you are interested. Midnight tonight is the deadline!


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