Monday, November 24, 2014

Motivational Monday - Samantha's Story - Watch & Read

Samantha’s Story
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Lost 4lbs and 7"
My story... I have always been the tall skinny girl that was able to eat anything... and then I turned 25 and it all changed! My metabolism needed a boost so I started working out. I've always been a relatively healthy eater, but portion control has always been a challenge. I started this challenge because I wanted to "reset" my body - clean eating, portion control, and workouts - sounded great to me! This challenge has been great - I've proven to myself that I can say no to unhealthy food choices and not feel deprived all the time, I have shown serious dedication and determination on getting the workouts done even when life makes it REALLY difficult, and I've seen RESULTS. I didn't lose the amount of weight I wanted to, but I learned that inches and the way your clothes fit is a far more important indicator!! I will definitely continue on with the eating habits I learned during this challenge and possibly modify to lose the extra pounds - but regardless I am very happy with my INCHES LOST!! My thighs and saddle bags have been my trouble zone and I can see big changes there! So exciting!
"You were a fabulous coach! You offered all the support we needed, gave us encouragement and encouraged us to support one another as well, and you made yourself available for anything we really needed (like giving me extra help to figure out how to do a full week of the plan on the road!!). Thank you for leading this group!"

Samantha you were such an incredible challenger and I am so grateful and blessed that you were apart of my challenge group! You had such leadership in our group and you constantly were the first to post your workouts every morning and inspire others to stay strong:) You are so beautiful INSIDE-OUT! 

Be on the look out because every day I will be posting someone's transformation story! 


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