Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wellness Wednesday - Iherb Haul

Everyone should know that I love me some IHERB orders....Well, here is my monthly haul from Iherb.
1. GF Red Bob Mills Pancake Mix - really good pancakes that have substance...who doesn't love breakfast for dinner!?
2. GF Red Bob Mills Oat Bran - I seriously eat this every morning!
3. Gastric Soothe - I have been dealing with a bout of gastritis so the zinc in this helps heal the lining of my stomach. Would be great for anyone that has stomach issues.
4. Turmeric Supreme- Turmeric is one of the #1 supplements you can take for inflammation and since inflammation is the #1 cause of disease...I take it!
5. Nordic Omega-3 Gummes- for the kiddos
6. Magnesium caps 500mg - helps relax everything..especially muscles and relieves all that tension in your body! Take am and pm. Can help with headaches too.
7. Natures Plus Animal Parade Chewables - For the kiddos too. Raw ingredients plus extra D3 and probiotics.
8. Buddy Bear Probiotics- Keeps healthy flora in the gut for the kids tummies and immune support.
9. MegaFood Daily Turmeric - Also has vitamin C and whole foods - mix in water or smoothie for extra immune boost and inflammation killer.

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