Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Getting back into the groove of things is so hard when you have been on vaca for 5 days!!! But all the more power to kick it into high gear since I have been on vaca:) I personally have been in the process of gaining muscle but I now need to lose some "fluff" and regain some strength back. Over the course of the next two months I will be offering 2 challenges to get healthy or healthier! 

The next 21 Day Get Healthy Challenge will start October 13th this upcoming Monday.  This challenge will be called "Get Moving - 3 Times a Week". I am pretty sure you all know what that means, right? I am going to challenge all of you to "Get Moving" and workout 3 times a week. I believe eating clean is the #1 tool for getting healthy from the inside-out, but working out and being active is next.  Exercise not only is beneficial physically, but also mentally and emotionally.  When I struggled with anxiety, exercise became my outlet, not physically but mentally and emotionally. It was a stress release, it cleared my mind from all thoughts, it just let me BE...And physically it released all the tension in my body.  So whether you want to lose a few pounds, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, or even just need a stress release and be a better mom, wife, and friend, then commit to this challenge to develop a NEW HEALTHY HABIT of moving 3 times a week. 
Because I know how hard it is to start working out if you never have before I am going to commit myself to you 1-2 times a week to help you achieve your "3 Times a Week".  For those that live locally, 1-2 times a week I will have a meet-up time/place, one in the morning and one in the evening, to come together to workout. You won't need to bring anything at all just yourself and a water bottle! I will also post a workout once a week that you can do AT HOME, that will give you "3 Times a Week" if you just met with the group and completed the online workout. I will post all of the times and places for the 21 days the Sunday before the challenge starts.  Please feel free to bring your babies in strollers, I will have my 2 year-old with me on the morning times. This challenge is open to ALL, just click these links Imperfectly Balanced and join "Ali's 21 Day Get Healthy Challenge".
I PROMISE you that if you commit to this 21 day challenge you will feel like a new person!
I am partnering with you to make a change to GET HEALTHY physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I truly know and understand the impact it can have on your life and your family's cause I have BEEN THERE DONE THAT!
The second challenge will start Monday, November 3rd. This challenge will be closed and only available for 10 people. This challenge will involve a 21 day fitness challenge, a nutrition plan, and special meet-up times.  More details will follow on this challenge.

Please email me at imperfectlybalancedbyali@gmail.com if you have any questions or message me on facebook... I am here to help and give support in any way possible:)


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