Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tone & Tighten - It's Time to Get Healthy & Change Your Life

We all can say that working out and eating clean can be very difficult...Time, money, lack of support, lack of motivation, and just not knowing where to start are all reasons why people never start or finish their health and fitness goals. But I want to help you with that! I want to be an example for you and inspire others to live a "Imperfectly Balanced" life. I am a wife with a traveling husband, a mother to 3 children ages 7,5, and 2 (and a new puppy), taxi driver to and from school and social activities for children, a daughter, and a friend...and I could add about 10 more things to the list that keep me busy too. And I still find time to exercise and eat healthy.  Yes, it takes time to develop those habits and it wasn't easy, but I love it all now...its apart of who I am and my family's. For me it was more than just exercising and eat the right foods, it was for my overall health...physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  When I struggled with post-partum anxiety, living a BALANCED healthy lifestyle was apart of my recovery, it truly changed my life.  
And that is what I want for you! I have no idea what your story is, but what I do know is that your life is in your hands and you have the power to change it.
Through my desire to help others I am excited to announce that on November 3rd, 2014 I will be coaching a private Challenge Group of 10 women who are serious about changing their lives!  It has been a passion of mine to help others find a "balance" in our crazy lives on how to be healthy from the inside-out. This challenge group is going to be incredible and I am ecstatic to think about the women I will get to work with and the results we are going to see. This will be LIFECHANGING.   
 So you are probably asking yourself why do you want or need me as your coach. Well, I am going to teach you how to balance "life" while living a healthier life. I will show you how to make exercise a part of your daily life, how to plan healthier meals along with meal prep, and how to stay motivated to reach your health and fitness goals! We are on this journey together and I want to help you reach whatever goals you have for yourself and family! Believe in yourself and you WILL do it!
All I ask from you if you decide to have me as your coach for this Challenge Group is that you participate in the Facebook "secret" challenge group daily. Every day I will share a recipe, motivation tip, meal plan, or a health fitness tip on the group page. All of my challengers will need to check-in daily with your goals for the day and then show support to others. I will also have other homework for you to complete that I will post on our group page. 

On October 27th, a week before the challenge starts, we will start planning and prepping for the challenge. I will have everyone take a "before" picture and take measurements. I will assist in meal planning so that you will know how to grocery shop the weekend before. And answer any others questions so that we are all ready to be 100% ALL IN for the challenge!
The program being used for this group challenge is called the 21 Day Fix.
This is my favorite program because you see immediate results! The program is short and simple, easy to follow, you get to eat normal food, and its actually fun! Best part of all the workouts are performed in your own home!
If you want to find out more information about the program contact me @ imperfectlybalancedbyali@gmail.com or message me through my Facebook page.

The last question I have for you is...Are you ready to change your life? Stop putting it off until tomorrow and make a decision today to GET HEALTHY! If you are interested or ready to be part of my personal challenge group fill out the questionnaire below!
SUPER EXCITED to possibly have the opportunity to be your coach and see YOU change your life.

Fill out my online form.
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