Monday, September 8, 2014

Motivational Monday - 21 Day Get Healthy Challenge

Everyone needs a little bit of motivation and support to break a habit or to start a new healthy habit...well, at least I do! Starting this Wednesday, I am going to start a series of 21 day challenges to get healthy. It has been said that one can break/start a habit in 21, 28, & 30 days....I am choosing 21 days because I believe it is more obtainable for most people to give up or commit to something for 21 days versus 30 days.  For all those that are completing these challenges I want you to feel empowered and accomplished, so I feel that a more realistic timeframe is best to achieve success!
Over those 21 days, I will post motivation, support, personal thoughts and struggles, and facts on that specific challenge.  I will have a 21 day Challenge Group on Facebook so those involved in the challenge can also post encouraging words, personal accomplishments and feedback.  It is a passion of mine to be healthy inside and out and to help others do the same! There is power in numbers and I believe that with support of others you can break any bad habit and develop new healthier ones.  Everyone has to start somewhere and making one small change can drastically change the long-term outcome of your health and well-being.  I am not sure how many challenges I will host but all of them will be applicable to my personal life as well, so I will be on the journey with you. 
So be on the look out this Wednesday for the first 21 Day Challenge to get Healthy:) A clue to the first challenge is men should only consume 37.5 grams a day of this item and women should only have 25 grams of it.

Excited about this challenge & getting healthy with you!

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