Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Healthy Nut - Travel Must Haves - SAVE THE TUMMY

Whether it is a 3 day vacation or a 7 day vacation, you should always be prepared with some supplies to keep your stomach and immune system in check! I know for my body especially my stomach it has become use to eating a certain way and after 2 days of eating differently I start getting "tummy aches"!

A few tips that I would recommend for keeping your eating and stomach "in check" while traveling are:

1. Drink lots and lots of water. Take extra bottles or gallons with you if possible to keep in your hotel room! STAY HYDRATED

2. When you are eating out, try to choose meals that are the most similar to what you would eat at if you eat chicken, sweet potatoes, and veggies at dinner, try to mimic that...but still enjoy your vacation! For me if I have multiple cheat days, it is not pretty!
   Think basic - chicken, fish, veggies, fruit, oatmeal, fresh juices, sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa...and always ask for no butter! I learned that the hard way on my last trip...way too much butter in my egg whites for goodness sake!

3. Take your vitamins...whatever vitamins and supplements  you take at home bring with you! It will keep your body in balance even though everything else is off! If you don't take vitamins I recommend the supplements below for trips especially. Vitamin C helps tremendously for immune system and controls stomach inflammation. Probiotics help keep the healthy bacteria in your gut active which helps with any tummy aches, bloating, or indigestion. And the Greens are simply because no one every eats enough fruit and veggies when on vacation and that will help keep your body in an alkaline state.

4. Depending on where you go, plan ahead and research any "healthy" restaurants or fresh juice bars. If I know I will be eating a lot of rich foods on my trip I make sure to drink 2-3 fresh green juices in between to help detox and give my stomach a break.

5. SLEEP - sleep is effects EVERYTHING. Try to still get 7-8 hours of sleep if possible. 80% of healing occurs while at rest so that will help ward off any germs or feelings of lethargy!

Hope these tips can help SAVE YOUR TUMMY!

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